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Front-End web developer.

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Hi, I'm Adam!

I am a self-taught MERN stack Web Developer currently looking for new career opportunities. I am hard working, adaptable & resourceful with an eye for design and a passion for all things web development. I love spending my time learning, coding, encountering new challenges and developing imaginative solutions. I’m currently working in customer service & IT support and am interested in a change of scenery.



CSS / Sass





Git & GitHub

MongoDb & Mongoose

Express & EJS


Bootstrap 5




BigCommerce, Stencil, Handlebars, Searchspring, NodeJs, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, RESTful API

Online store built while working at Calashock Commerce for a shelving and furniture wholesaler with a sleek and minimalist design. I worked closely with the design and UX team to incorporate client feedback during the development process. The theme is also adapted to implement the Searchspring plugin to handle product searches and filtering.

Urbaboxx homepage


BigCommerce, Stencil, Handlebars, NodeJs, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, RESTful API

I helped one of the UK's leading raw cat food brands relaunch their online store on BigCommerce with a new user-friendly design, custom page-builder widgets and a delivery date selector on the checkout. This was my first project as a Lead Developer while working at Calashock Commerce.

dogBase edit profile page


Express, NodeJs, MongoDB, JavaScript

A content-sharing website inspired by Reddit, built using Node.js, Express and MongoDB. Users are able to create accounts & upload, edit or delete posts while engaging with other users' posts through a like, comment and favourite system. Features full cloud storage using MongoDB Atlas and Cloudinary.

dogBase edit profile page


React, NodeJs, Axios, MUI

weightForm uses Axios to allow users to pull exercise data and demonstrations from an API for use at the gym. Users can also save their favourite exercises to localStorage. Also features data list pagination and responsive styling with MUI.

weightForm results page

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